Ethics and compliance training
for manufacturing companies.

LRN’s anti-harassment, DEI, and easily customisable code of conduct courses made exclusively to meet the requirements of the manufacturing industry.

Ethics and compliance courses making required training easy to access and understand wherever your teams are.

LRN is proud to bring industry-specific courses and full-audio classroom training to the manufacturing industry. These offerings position your business as a leader in reaching all employees, driving completions, meeting sector requirements, and tracking ethics and compliance training for the manufacturing workforce.

Spend less time training your manufacturing workforce and more time in production.

Whether you are looking for customisable content, an intuitive learning management system, or automated workflows, our solutions ensure you reach every on- and offline learner and achieve your organisational objectives. 

One SaaS platform for all your E&C needs

Purpose built for E&C, the LRN Catalyst platform includes an intuitive LMS, defensible disclosures, a mobile app, and robust reporting. You can create, manage, deliver, analyse, and audit your programme to align to regulatory guidance while hitting critical KPIs. 

Automated certifications and disclosures that save time

With Catalyst Disclosures, you can create an auditable disclosure repository, automate workflows, and glean actionable insights to help meet the challenges of managing risk. 

Customizable learning to maximize impact and efficiency

Identify the most relevant courses for each learner population with online role profilers. Then reinforce key concepts on and offline through a range of formats, from infographics to facilitator guides.

Advisory services to guide ethical decision-making

Values strengthen business performance. Whether you need to simplify policies, refresh a code of conduct, or address board oversight, our E&C advisors will help you activate your company’s values to build effective E&C practices. 

Offline tracking makes manufacturing training accessible

Create the same online learning experience for learners without internet access using our offline app. By installing the app on a device, you can ensure your entire workforce gets access to your manufacturing compliance training.

Facilitator guides ensure training meets manufacturing requirements

In a classroom setting, managers often deliver in-person training. Facilitator guides ensure that they are prepared to deliver compliance training to your workforce, drive completion, and reduce risk.

LRN solutions are trusted by businesses like you.


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