Unmatched in the industry for its deep capabilities and user-friendly interface, Course Customizer ensures that your selected LRN Learning Library courses speak your language, deliver your principles, and demonstrate your values.

Add your company’s unique content with customizable templates
Add or hide lessons and pages to target content and increase relevancy
Upload or link to your policies and procedures
Insert custom bulletins to highlight critical content
Include and customize acknowledgement forms or trackable certifications
Customize LRN Knowledge Check questions, answers, and feedback
Configure course settings, including timers and surveys
Preview your changes and publish instantly
Export changes to MS Word

Make updates throughout the year as things change at work and in the world. Instant preview allows you to experience the final result before deploying, and once you’re ready, the edits are published across your program. Course Customizer truly makes it as easy as it sounds—LRN Partners love using it, and we back it with full training and 24/7 online support.

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