The Morning Risk Report: Rules Can Get in the Way of Culture

They want to speak up but may need help in knowing what to speak up about,” said Mr. Bostrom. Values drive behaviors, and behaviors drive outcomes, so it’s critical for leaders to not only have their fingers on the pulse of what the culture in the organization is, but to also know HOWto influence that culture, said Jean-Marc Levy, president of ethics and compliance solutions at LRN.

Davos Man Meets the Masses

“A growing number of CEOs are recognizing the need to place values and purpose at the center of their strategy,” said PwC Chairman Dennis Nally. “With the lack of trust that exists today with business, sooner or later you have to figure out HOWto regain that trust.” As a response to the trend, PwC announced a new partnership yesterday with LRN, an advisory group headed by Dov Seidman, to help corporations “elevate behavior, define and scale their values, and become animated by purpose.”