What Every Boss Can Do to Inspire Innovation: LRN’s Dov Seidman in Fortune

Dov Seidman
by Dov Seidman
August 24 2016

The vast majority of business leaders are looking for innovation in all the wrong places. Today’s organizational goals—engagement, innovation, collaboration—cannot be achieved via dictate or commandment. As Dov Seidman explains in this Fortune article, innovation stems from a deep foundation of trust in employees and business partners. “By giving employees the freedom and resources to […]


How to Talk About Politics and Other Dicey Issues at Work: LRN’s Michael Eichenwald featured in Fortune

Michael Eichenwald
by Michael Eichenwald
July 27 2016

More and more, people are looking for a workplace where they can make a contribution that reflects who they are, an environment where they can express their deepest beliefs and feel a more profound and human connection with colleagues. These aspirations fly in the face of mid-20th century corporate America’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” conception […]